Ferndale Horseracing

Ferndale Race Track is a half-mile thoroughbred racing track in Ferndale, California. It hosts the horseracing component of the Humboldt County Fair, one of the top fairs in California. Located in the timber and dairy country of California's far north coast, the track holds 10 days of live racing during fair days. horseracing has been a mainstay of the fair since 1935.

Many have opined that racing at Ferndale Race Track evokes the county fair atmosphere of old as it is located in a picturesque Victorian village. Indeed, many have said that due to the quaint surroundings, racing at the racetrack hasn't changed that much since the first meeting in 1896.

Ferndale's tiny half-mile track is famous for the presence of several unbanked turns that produce plenty of thrills, as jockeys and horses are not used to the compact bullring racing it offers, and they sometimes encounter trouble trying to negotiate the turns.

Stakes Races at Ferndale Race Track

  • Charlie Palmer Starter Handicap
  • The Paul Cacci Eel River Sprint
  • Land of Jazz Starter Stakes
  • The Les Mademoiselle Stakes Don Harmon Memorial
  • C. J. Hindley Humboldt County Marathon Starter Stake
  • Ferndale Arabian Stakes
  • The Ferndale Dash
  • Cream City Mule Handicap

Ferndale Race Track Facts

  • Half-mile track with two chutes: 5/8 mile and 7/8 mile
  • Distance from last turn to finish: 530 feet
  • Stable accommodations: 258 permanent, 200 portable
  • Grandstand seating capacity: 1,800

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