New Hampshire Horseracing

New Hampshire Horseracing began on June 28, 1906 when Rockingham Park, located in Salem, opened for a 21-day Thoroughbred meet in the tiny outpost of Salem Depot, N.H.

An estimated 10,000 people, who came by train from Boston, Rhode Island, and New York, packed the state-of-the-art clubhouse, which cost over $1 million to construct. Rockingham Park was then proclaimed as one of the finest racecourses in the world. Alyth, a two-year-old, won the first Thoroughbred race.

Back then gambling was illegal in New Hampshire and betting was shut down after only three days. The meet continued, with the wagering gone underground, but the end of the meet marked the end of Thoroughbred racing and the track sat idle.

By April 23, 1933, gambling was legalized in New Hampshire. And by June 21, 1933, Rockingham re-opened for New Englandís first legalized horse gambling meet. Over 15,000 people attended the races. On July 4, Brass Monkey, one of the most popular Thoroughbreds to ever race in New England, first showed the fans his patented come-from-behind style of winning.

Throughout the years, Rockingham Park has had its fair share of struggles to survive. Today, the facility only hosts harness racing and simulcast events.

Organizations such as the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission and the New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association oversee all horse related events and competitions in New Hampshire.

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