Ruidoso Downs Horseracing

Ruidoso Downs is a horseracing track located just off Highway 70 West in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. It has a slot gaming facility called Billy The Kid Casino.

The first race at Ruidoso Downs Race Track was run in 1947. Live racing takes place at Ruidoso Downs Race Track each summer, beginning Memorial Day weekend and running through Labor Day, with the running of the All American Futurity.

Simulcast wagering is also available every day at Ruidoso Downs in the Turf Club, located on the third floor of the Grandstand.

In 1999, after New Mexico legalized slot machine casinos at race tracks, Billy the Kid Casino opened its doors.

The casino is open daily and houses over 300 slot machines.In 2004, the casino paid out over $115 million in winnings.

Ruidoso Downs Records

220 yardsThree Runs11.827/23/1995
250 yardsRoyal Strawfly12.939/3/2004
300 yardsNegro De Az15.198/26/2004
330 yardsGch Byallmeans Magic16.408/5/2000
350 yardsAb What A Runner17.057/19/2003
400 yardsThewayouwantmetoo19.207/25/2004
440 yardsSnow Big Deal20.948/31/2003
550 yardsHeza Wicked Man26.416/16/2002
870 yardsKeep The Change44.267/13/1986
1000 yardsMake An Effort51.818/5/1989
2 ½ FurlongsCrafty Number27.408/18/2001
4 ½ FurlongsProfessor Jones51.607/15/2005
5 FurlongsTwilight Diamond56.307/17/2004
5 ½Furlongs Rocky Gulch1:02.48/1/2004
6 Furlongs*Jack Wilson1:08.48/16/1992
6 Furlongs*Ninety Nine Jack1:08.47/18/2004
7 ½ FurlongsCaliban1:29.27/19/2003
1 MileSet Records1:37.07/28/1995
1 MileStrong Arm Robbery1:37.09/1/2001
1 1/16Mile Lucky Bluff1:43.29/2/2001
1 1/8Mile Brownburough1:51.26/28/1964
1 ¼ MilePentelitiano2:07.39/1/2003
1 3/8 MileStart Jumping2:24.18/18/1990
1 ½ MileDecidedly Henry C2:37.08/19/1989
1 5/8 MileMore Than Glory2:52.48/15/1992

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